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Full Member (Academician) of the NAES of Ukraine (elected on December 15, 1999), DSc (Psychology), Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine.


Expert in the problems of psychological and pedagogic development of a personality, theory and methodology of education.


The author of the theory of conscious appropriation of socially important moral values by a personality. Supervises a scientific school, which puts into practice the idea of creating educational situations that ensure a personality’s moral and spiritual development and socially significant spontaneous behaviour.


This idea is introduced in the concept of a personality-oriented approach to education and the National Programme for Education of Children and Young People in Ukraine developed at the Institute of Education Problems of NAES of Ukraine.


35 Ph.D. theses in psychology and pedagogics of the growing personality education have been defended under his supervision.


The author of about 400 publications, including: “Morality of a Personality: the Formation Strategy”, “From Will to Personality”,  “Personality Oriented Education”, “Education of Personality: Ascending to Spirituality”, “Labyrinths of  Personality Spiritual  Enlightment” and others.


Rewarded with the “V. Sukhomlynskyi”, and “Excellence in Education of Ukraine” breastplates by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Honorary Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Honorary Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.





●   Programme for Education of Children and Young People in Ukraine
●   A methodical and diagnostic minimum of a teacher
●   Discourse technology for intimate and personality communication
●   100 keys to educational success
●   “Me” as a source of a personality spiritual self-development
●   The method of pedagogic persuasion in a personality education
●   Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi: The life in the dialogue
●   Sukhomlynskyi: two periods of childhood – two images of “Me”
●   Reflection in the spiritual “Me” of a personality
●   Reflective-centered organization of the educational process
●   Psychological mechanisms of a personality ascending to spiritual values
●   The image of modern person in the context of developing training guidelines
●   Competence approach in modern education
●   The category of conscience in Post-classical psychological understanding
●   The sense of dignity in the spiritual development of a personality
●   Educational laws in salutary life of a personality