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Laboratory of Labor Education


Lesia Hutsan

- Head of the laboratory, senior research scientist, PhD in pedagogics.

Кадровий склад

Lesia Hutsan – Head of the laboratory, senior research scientist, PhD in pedagogics; Oleh Morin – PhD in pedagogics, senior research scientist, Candidate for a doctor’s degree; Oleksandr Parkhomenko – Research scientist, Honored Teacher of Ukraine (diploma “Labor education teacher”, 1996); Zarina Okhrimenko – Research scientist; Ludmyla Hrytsenok – a Junior research scientist.

Основні завдання
  • The activity of the Research Laboratory is aimed at the creation of a scientific basis for the changes in the content of educational activities of general education institution that by their nature and orientation should facilitate the ability of the individual to self-knowledge, self-estimation and actualization of the need for self-improvement. These changes make it possible to create favourable conditions for high school students for the extended in time and relatively independent search of professional way, taking into account, above all, their interests and capabilities, and only later on labour market.
Напрями діяльності
  • The principal activities of the laboratory are: ● the study of national and international experience in preparing student youth to choosing the direction of future professional activity; ● the investigation of the peculiarities of career self-determination in terms of labour market; ● the analysis of educational theory and practice of forming the high school student readiness for the choice of future profession and employment; ● the discovery of psychological and pedagogical regularities of professional self-determination in adolescence and early adolescence; ● testing the content, forms and methods of career guidance of students; ● the creation of the activation technologies for the professional self-determination of students; ● the conduction of consultations for practitioners of secondary education institutions; ● search for the content, forms and methods of vocational guidance in the educational process of secondary education institutions; ● the development of training and methodical support for career guidance provision of profile education; ● the development of educational literature on vocational guidance of school students and the formation of their readiness to professional self-determination.