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December 1996 – 1997

 The Institute of Education Problems of NAPS of Ukraine was founded. The director of the Institute of Education Problems of NAPS of Ukraine was I.D. Bekh, a corresponding member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Psychology, professor; the deputy director on scientific work – A.L. Kononko, Ph.D, a senior research fellow; the secretary – O.M. Dokukina, Ph.D, a senior research fellow. There were 11 Research Laboratories at the Institute, the total number of employees – 125 people.




The Institute moved into new premises at the address: Berlynskoho Str., 9, Kyiv. The Specialized Academic Council was established with the right of considering and holding the defence of thesis for the degree of PhD in pedagogical sciences, specialty 13.00.01 – Theory and History of Education. The head of the Specialized Academic Council – I.D. Bekh, the scientific secretary – H.P. Pustovit, Ph.D., a senior research fellow.




The HAC of Ukraine approved the staff of the Specialized Academic Council with the right to consider and hold the defence of thesis for the degree of PhD in Pedagogy in the specialties: 13.00.07 − Theory and Methods of Education, 13.00.08 – Preschool Education. The publication of the annual collection of scientific works of the Institute "Theoretical and methodological problems of education of children and student youth" was initiated.




 The scientists of the Institute took an active part in the development of the draft Concept of the public education of individual in terms of the development of Ukrainian statehood and Laws of Ukraine: "On Extracurricular Education", "On Preschool Education".




The work on the Programme of children and student youth education in Ukraine was started, the strategy of structure formation and the conceptual principles were developed. The Institute staff actively participated in the elaboration of the National Doctrine of Ukraine education development in XXI century.




During this period the work was carried on in the following areas: the development of the Concept of art and aesthetic education of secondary school students, the elaboration of the Programme of the development of extracurricular educational institutions for 2002-2008". The Research Laboratory of children's associations was set up.




The draft Program of education of children and student youth in Ukraine was elaborated. The Research Laboratory of educational sociology was reorganized into the Laboratory of social pedagogy.




The draft Program of education of children and student youth in Ukraine was approved by the Presidium of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine and published in the newspaper "Education of Ukraine". The Institute co-founded the magazine "Education World".




 The Board of MES of Ukraine approved the Program of the education of children and student youth in Ukraine. For active innovative activity and modernization of the national education system the Institute was awarded a diploma of the II exhibition-presentation "Education of Ukraine."




In 2006 the Institute marked the tenth anniversary of its existence as one of the leading scientific institutions of Ukraine APS. It was developed: the Materials of the first Encyclopaedia of Ukraine Education; the Concept of healthy lifestyle formation and prevention of HIV / AIDS among youth in Ukraine. For the significant contributions to the innovative development of national education the Institute was awarded the Diploma of the IX International Exhibition of Educational Institutions "Modern Education in Ukraine - 2006".




The scientists of the Institute took an active part in the development of the draft Regulations on the vocational guidance of studying youth, and the Regulations on the Interagency Council on vocational guidance. The publishing of journal "Extracurricular Education and Training" was launched.




Since 2008, the organization of experimental researches has become traditional at All-Ukrainian level (Research Laboratory of aesthetic education and Research Laboratory of preventive education). The Institute has closely cooperated with the departments of APS of Ukraine working at the related issues, collaborated with public authorities, public organizations and institutions, participated in the annual international exhibitions.




Active participation of the Institute scholars in working out the materials for the White Book of National Education of Ukraine. The approbation of the Program "The main focuses (guidelines) of the education of 1-11 form students in general education institutions" was started. The scientists became constant active participants of the contest commissions and juries, and commissions providing literature stamps of MES of Ukraine.




The scientific work was conducted in the following areas: the development of draft Laws, Regulations, Concepts and Programs; the qualitative implementation of the Decrees of Ukraine President, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, decrees of the Presidium of NAPS of Ukraine; the participation of the scientists in the commissions and judges at various levels; working out curricula and methodical support: "Artistic Culture", "Defence of Motherland", "Man and World of Professions", "Career Building", "Multimedia Artistic Creativity", "City Where You Live", "Ecology at Home", "Planting of Greenery in the Premises and Territories"; the development of scientific and methodological support of personality formation, in particular, "The Life of an Individual in the Spiritual Outlines" (I. Bekh).




2011 is a jubilee year, the fifteenth year of the Institute functioning as one of the leading research institutions of NAPS of Ukraine. It became traditional for the Institute of Education Problems of NAPS of Ukraine to work in its anniversary year on the elaboration of Laws, Regulations, and Concepts. The scientists of the Institute participated in the performance of State, National and sectoral programs, including the preparation of materials for the National Report on the State and Prospects of the Education Development in Ukraine.




The year was marked with the diversification of the forms of professional development of scientific personnel; the differentiated work with the postgraduate students of different years of training and various specialty codes; holding methodological seminars, national scientific and practical conferences, as well as reporting conferences; the implementation of the UNESCO project "Art Education in Ukraine: the Development of Creativity in the XXI Century", which was launched at the National scientific and practical seminar devoted to the International Day of Cultural Diversity and the International Week of Education in Arts.




Development of scientific and methodical support of education and educational work. Completion of international projects: the second phase of the international UNESCO pilot project, "Art Education in Ukraine: the development of creativity in the XXI century" (database creation); joint participators of the working group on the development of education kits "Green Pack"; participation in the international project "Every Drop Matters", the results of which were presented by the educational complex for the Study of the Black Sea "Black Sea Box".